Practical Guide on How to Deal with Homework Anxiety

Homework can be challenging to do. There is always something more fun to participate in than homework. This can get so bad it can induce anxiety in a student. Yes, homework causes anxiety. This is when there is this tightness or shortness of breath when it’s time to face assignments and homework.

It’s usually not that easy to know when one has homework anxiety. Usually, one might not know unless they are highly attuned to their emotions. Older students might be able to recognize homework meltdown early, but for kids, this might be a more drawn-out process.

Homework anxiety can start as early as early grade school, and if not quickly recognized, it can result in full-blown task or project anxiety. It can get so serious that students might be unable to participate actively in class. Children who usually suffer from this are considered lazy when all there is to it is homework anxiety.

One can also get overwhelmed by so much homework and assignments that it gets increasingly difficult to do them. You probably don’t know what to do when you’re stressed about homework. This article talks about how to deal with homework stress or homework anxiety. Read on to learn more.

What is homework anxiety, and how can you deal with it effectively?

Homework anxiety is simply a feeling of being overwhelmed by homework. Unsurprisingly, people need help figuring out what to do when overwhelmed with homework. Here are ways how to deal with it effectively:

  • Ensure you set out time for yourself

Of course, you must know how to manage your time for an effective school-life balance. However, not giving yourself enough time to rest and get out of the stress of school can cause homework anxiety. Think of it, when was the last you did something you used to enjoy? Things like playing sports, going out with family and friends, or maybe swimming are now rare in your schedule. Know that a happy, relaxed mind is more capable of studying better.

  • Stop procrastinating!

You really should stop procrastinating. Just as you read the previous line and told yourself, “I’ll do that later,” it needs to stop. Procrastination is probably the prevalent cause of undone homework and homework stress. We often know homework is to be done, but we decide to do something else. This “something else” takes far more time than you expected.

The fact that you manage to get things done with procrastination is another reason you think everything is fine. But you see that slight feeling in your chest whenever you’re rushing homework; that’s anxiety building. It does not take long to become an issue, so stop doing things later.

  • Start your homework as soon as possible

Due to the peculiarity of college schedules, it is normal for students to get their homework sporadically and jumbled together. Because of this, most students prefer to do their homework at a time – the weekend. But then, not all plans happen as they should. Hence Sundays usually become a panic day for homework. You see them checking online for how to deal with lots of homework.

Rather than have panic days, do your assignments as soon as it is handed out. If it’s possible to get it done before you leave the school premises, do so. Many homework tasks do not need much time, and that is something you should take advantage of. A homework group could be useful in this regard.

There are many benefits to this method. Firstly, it remains fresh in your memory because you just did that topic recently (or the same day). This is one advantage you should exploit. Also, it is easier to contact your teacher about homework questions. You will get your assignment done quickly if you get many questions answered early.

  • Eradicate distractions

It is common for students to complain about how easy it is to get distracted. From mobile devices to social media, distractions abound in their millions, waiting to turn you from doing your homework.

To avoid stressing over homework, you need to clear your homework space. If you cannot, then the library is a good place to when you need to eliminate distractions. You can also get a space in your favorite restaurant where you can finish up and leave as soon as possible.

Giving homework your undivided attention in a short while will help you better than getting distracted. Leaving a line of thought to answer a friend’s message might cause you to lose or restart that line of thought. Doing this over and over again, you might lose over an hour. We both know how many pages of assignments you can finish in an hour.


So, can homework cause anxiety? Of course! However, if you apply the tips in this article, you can be sure you will be okay with homework. Again, take your time; it does not help you if you do. Good luck!

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