How can this website help you and your students?

GoToServiceLearning assists you to engage your students in service-learning.

GoToServiceLearning presents examples of best practice service-learning experiences meeting state mandated academic standards - each uploaded onto the site according to an easy-to-use searchable template. Here, you will find out how teachers connect classroom content with student initiative, resulting in youth who are actively engaged in learning while making significant contributions to their communities thesis writing services.

Whether you teach science, math, art, history, languages, English, technology, or a myriad of other important subjects, take a look. We are pleased to feature outstanding lesson plans that incorporate a wide variety of service themes at all grade levels. We invite you to search this site and explore the plans - all submitted by teachers just like you!

Ready to get started? Read about the advantages to using service-learning as a teaching method. Look at the plans already posted by teachers. Download a planning document to help you develop your service-learning ideas. Visit the resources listed. And do share your service-learning stories with GoToServiceLearning and become a part of our database. Welcome to GoToServiceLearning.